Bread fermentation equipment

I have known lots of opinions about the bread fermentation and I want to give my own opinion viewed from the 37 years of research and observation.

In the 70s the owner of a factory-baked in Badalona (Spain) requested an electric steam boiler for his bakery and also requested my assistance in the installation and start-up.

The baker told me that there is not a useful system to improve the bread quality and that I should research about it.  When the work was finished, back in Madrid I stopped in a bookshop and bought some books about the bread manufacture.

In 1979 as a result of a long research our R+D department developed, designed and manufactured climate-control equipment for fermentation chamber to improve the bread fermentation. Nowadays there are more than 2000 equipments installed in Spain and some overseas.

At the beginning I had the opportunity to stay more than 300 nights in bakeries in order to control the equipment efficiency and to verify that the quantity of leavening was reduced from 5% to 1%.

The bread should be making with flour, water and salt, without chemistry otherwise is only food without nutritional value.

The bread should have a 0.5% of leavening and the process of fermentation should be done in a room constructed with bricks, with good isolation and tiles.

The fermentation room should have a 35ºC 80% humidity, stratification absence, electromagnetic camps absence and oxygen presence, a tropical climate.

As I told before the market is full of bread with zero nutritional value.

There is a baker who does the bread without chemical ingredients, without leavening, we have done some test to determinate the nutritional value of this bread and the conclusion is that who eats 100gr of bread with chemical ingredients and leavening in 90 minutes is hungry and who eats 100gr of bread without leavening Flor de Cereales, the person is not hungry in about 8 hours. This bread is suitable for people who want loss weight.

The baker from Flor de Cereales has the fermentation chamber with a climate-control model Lauda manufactured by Ete, creating a tropical climate.

The Flor de Cereales dough is made with flour, water and salt. The bread preservation is more than a month and before consume is recommended to warm it in the oven or toaster.

The bakers who make bread using fermentation chambers with climate-control Lauda ETE can make excellent bread with natural scent, flavor, conservation and high nutritional value.

If we want that the bread as nourishment we cannot use chemical, if you want to success in your business as baker make the bread with the same formula used 5000 years ago.

The Europea Termica Electrica technicians will advice you about the chamber fermentation construction and about the climate-control suitable for each case.