Industrial Boilers

It is time to review the production costs in order to be competitive. By changing old industrial boilers your industry will reduce the production costs, will increase the security, will eliminate odours and will reduce break downs. The new industry has to design the installations for all their process according to the new technologies and the new energetic costs.

Nowadays the balance of the energetic cost is favorable for the electricity. The reason is simple; the electricity is being producing by wind, solar thermal or photovoltaic.

Our recommendation is to use: electric steam boilerselectric water boilerssuperheated water boilers or electric oil boilers to improve your production and reduce costs.

Since 1977 Europea Termica Electrica manufactures electric steam boilers, electric water boilers and superheated water boilers. Due to the technology we apply the industrial electric boilers has low energetic consume, minimum maintenance expenses, 100% efficiency and without explosion/fire risk.

Another advantage for the industrial electric boilers Ete is that you can install small electric boilers for every production point avoiding the installation of a big boiler and distribution nets causing 30% energy loss.

Installing Ete technology you will produce the energy your process need. The warranty for industrial electric boiler is up to 10 years.